R j P a v e l

Creating a Character

with physicality and puppetry
A workshop by rj

Ovations Theatre Co.

Chicago at Keegan

is nominated for 8 Helen Hayes Awards
including Outstanding Ensemble and Musical

Mary Poppins

Park Keeper / Ensemble
Virginia Musical Theatre

directed by Chip Gallagher

Les Deux Noirs

Mosaic Theatre Co.

directed by RaymonD Caldwell

written by Psalmayene24


Rj Pavel needs to be noted for the duality of his Tiny Tom and Officer Barrell split portrayal. While the characters are similar in their meek nature, Pavel creates a sharp delineation between the pair and makes Cop Song a true duet where he holds his own against Officer Lockstock rather than just perform assists and backup to the number as it is so often played. 

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